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A Seamless Multi-Chain L1 Exchange at Your Fingertips

Dive into the world of decentralized finance with Asgardex, the open-source desktop application designed exclusively for THORChain and MayaProtocol. Exchange many assets across various chains including AVAX, BCH, BSC, BTC, CACAO, COSMOS, DASH, DOGE, ETH, and RUNE, all in one intuitive interface. Swapping BTC to ETH ? Asgardex has you covered.

Supported languages: French, German, Hindi, Russian & Spanish

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Our Core Values: Decentralization, Censorship Resistance, and Security

Asgardex is more than an app – it's a commitment to financial freedom. Operated by the community, for the community, it stands as a bastion against censorship and centralization, ensuring your assets remain yours alone.


Avoids web apps, uses public servers, and is open-source to prevent service interruption even by the app’s team.

Censorship Resistance

The installer can be easily distributed and used without domains or a centralized responsible party.


Developed and maintained by the community, reducing the risk of errors and fund loss.

Empowering You with Wallet Flexibility

Your assets, your control. Create a new wallet stored locally for enhanced security, or load an existing wallet using your secret phrase. Plus, enjoy seamless integration with Ledger hardware for ultimate peace of mind.

Local Wallets

Create and manage locally.

Secret Phrase

Load wallet with a phrase.

Ledger Support

Integrated with Ledger devices.


Effortless navigation and usage.

Earn interest

Also in native assets like BTC, DOGE, BCH...

Node manage

Monitor validators behaviour.

Earn Interest with Peace of Mind

Secure your financial future with Asgardex`s unique Savers product. Enjoy earning interest on native assets like BTC, ETH, USDC, and many more without the worry of impermanent loss. Your investments are safe, earning each second.

Dual-Liquidity Provision: Double the Opportunity

Elevate your earning potential by providing dual-asset liquidity. Pair your assets with 50% RUNE and another asset of your choice, reaping higher interest rates compared to Savers. Embrace the opportunity while managing the risk of impermanent loss.

Experience Asgardex in Action

Not sure what Asgardex can do for you? Watch our informative videos, showcasing the applications features and user-friendly interface.

Stay Informed and Ahead

Explore the future with us. Our roadmap teases exciting developments like loan services, order book trading, and leveraged futures. Stay tuned for what is coming next in Asgardex's journey.

Loans Feature

Innovative loan options for all

Order Books

Efficient order book trading methods

Based Trading

Leveraged futures trading simplified

Leveraged Future Trading

Stay ahead with our features

Trading Features

Trade efficiently with Roadmap

Future Implementations

Exciting features coming soon

Asgardex vs. CEXs

Discover how Asgardex stands out with superior price efficiency for large transactions and native cross-chain exchanges, outperforming Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) in many aspects.


Aspect One

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Aspect Two

Start comparing transaction costs with CEX.


Aspect Three

Experience lower slippage and start trading.

Learn and Grow with THORChain University (DYOR)

Go deeper into the mechanics of THORChain with our curated articles and resources. Expand your knowledge and make informed decisions.

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Transparent Fee Policy

Clear and fair - a standard 0.1% commission on all swaps above 1001 dollars, swaps below are affiliate free. No hidden fees, no surprises.

Learn and Grow with THORChain University (DYOR).

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